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國際前沿材料大會(ICFM 2022)及智能材料與微納機器人專題研討會5月30日簡報


Symposium D-02 “Smart Materials and Micro/Nano-Robots”


There were 12 talks and over 240 participants joined in Symposium D-02 on May 30. More than 20 participants asked questions and discussed with the reporters.

In the morning, there were 2 sessions containing 8 talks and over 130 participants joined in Symposium D-02. More than 13 participants asked questions and discussed with the reporters.

In the afternoon, there was 1 session containing 4 talks and over 110 participants joined in Symposium D-02. More than 8 participants asked questions and discussed with the reporters.



Session IV: Microparticles and Swarms

Session Chair: Hepeng Zhang, Longqiu Li

1. Prof. Ayusman Sen from Pennsylvania State University gave a talk entitled "Active Matter Swarms for Cargo Capture, Transport, and Delivery".


2. Prof. Orlin D. Velev from North Carolina State University gave a talk entitled "AC Field Remotely Powered Propulsion and Steering of Engineered Microparticles and Microcircuits".


3. Prof. Alexander A. Solovev from Fudan University gave a talk entitled "Perspectives of Chemical Machines, Robots and Computers ". 


4. Xinyi Lin from Fudan University gave a talk entitled "Deformation Design, Fabrication and Motion Control of Shape-reconfigurable Microrobots".


Session V: Novel Applications of Micro  

and Nanorobots

Session Chair: Li Zhang, Alexander A. Solovev

1. Prof. Dekai Zhou from Harbin Institute of Technology gave a talk entitled "Alternating current electric field driven defective micro/nanomotors".


2.  Prof. Hepeng Zhang from Shanghai Jiaotong University gave a talk entitled "Individual and collective dynamics in algae systems".



3. Prof. Tailin Xu from Shenzhen University gave a talk entitled "Ultrasound propulsion for biosensing".


4. Yang Zong from Fudan University gave a talk entitled "Nanomembrane folding origami: Geometry control and micro-machine applications".



Session VI: Advanced Materials for Micro  

and Nanorobotics

Session Chair: Oliver G. Schmidt, Jianguo Guan

1. Prof. Samuel Sanchez from Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia gave a talk entitled "Hybrid micro-nanorobotics: coupling enzymes to biocompatible particles for biomedical applications".


2. Prof. Xuemin Du from Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology gave a talk entitled "Shape-adaptable polymers and bioelectronics".


3. Dr. Zhe Zhao from Fudan University gave a talk entitled "Atomic layer deposition inducing assembly of metal organic frameworks films for flexible biosensor ".


4. Dr. Hong Zhu from Fudan University gave a talk entitled "Active Hydrogels for Self-powered Miniaturized Robots".


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